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Chris Clark:

"You may find a waiting list for this driving school but trust me, its for a good reason!".


Matty Bell:

"Iain was absolutely fantastic. His training methods were spot on such as he was very patient, makes you feel welcome and comfortable, he explains things very well and simply and all round knows his stuff".


Kirstin Herriot:

"Would highly recommend Iain, very patient and helpful instructor and made learning a lot easier and smoother. Never felt too pressured and Iain held a good pace throughout all the lessons."


Murray Houston:

"I was extremely happy with the quality of customer service. He was always on time, never cancelled any lessons, was very flexible with pick up/drop off locations which was a bonus.”


Natasha Makiyi:

“After a few lessons with Iain I started to get more and more comfortable being on the roads. I highly recommend Iain, you get good value of driving for the hours you pay”


James McPherson:

“Very good, from the first lesson gave me the confidence that I would drive and allowed me to have control of the vehicle. Overall I was very happy with the lessons and was able to pass my test first time!”


Emily Watt:

“Teaching methods were very clear and practical – 5 stars!”


Becca McWhinnie:

“There wasn't one time that I felt I didn't fully understand how to do something before I did it, everything was flowing naturally and I wasn't made to do anything before I was ready”


Lynne Donaldson:

“Could not fault anything. Always on time and always putting me first”


Caitlin Rice:

“Having not driven for 3 years I was extremely apprehensive and nervous about driving again but after a few minutes in the car the instructor made me feel relaxed and at ease”


Christie Mackay:

“I would recommend 100%. Driving instructor is very understanding and patient, he also teaches in a great way and puts you at ease”.


Mark McClements:

“Iain was excellent at explaining things and was very patient”


Luciah Sibanda:

“I did not pass my test the first time I was thinking of giving up , but Iain told me to keep on practicing, which I did and it made me believe in myself and boosted my confidence for that I am grateful that he pushed me to do my best”


Joslyn Lundie:

“Teaching methods were clear and straight forward”


Kirsty Lamb:

“Great, would recommend to anyone I knew learning to drive”


Lewis Houston:

“Highly recommended to many friends”


Shannon Lind:

“Iain's teaching methods were very easily understood. With demonstration videos and picture tutorials to walk you through manoeuvres before trying them. My experience has been very positive and I am now confident with driving.”

Ryan Finnigan:

“I would recommend because the instructor was very good at explaining and teaching the driving techniques”

Zac Hughson:

“I would recommend Scorrybreck as I have heard many horror stories about angry short fused instructors and with Scorrybreck I never had bad experience with the instructor.”

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